Randolph Hester (2011)

Randolph (Randy) Hester Jr. is a landscape architect, professor and sociologist based in Berkeley, California. Where he is the Professor Emeritus of Landscape Architecture & Environmental Planning. Throughout his career he has focused on applying sociology to urban and landscape design. He has been an advocate of community participation in the development of what he calls ecological democracies.

“Two irrepressible forces underlie my work: the human desire for participatory democracy and ecological limits. There are many more democracies in the world today and resource limits are more critical, complex, and misunderstood. More than any other factors, democracy and limits shape public landscape design.”

In what time is this place? Lynch talks about the need to use the environment as a device for explaining people the advancing present and connecting it with the branching future, in order for citizens to actively participate in deciding what that future should be. Hester’s work embodies this principle, while showing a way of making this happen.

Article Author: Jesus Ricardo Alvarez Felix

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