Barnaby Evans and William D. Warner (2003)

Barnaby Evans, Waterfire Artist

Barnaby Evans, Waterfire Artist

William D. Warner, Waterfire Planner and Architect

William D. Warner, Waterfire Planner and Architect








WaterFire, a sculpture of over 80 bonfires on Providence, Rhode Island’s three rivers, has come to symbolize the city’s renaissance. Created by artist Barnaby Evans in 1994, it attracts millions of visitors to downtown. The event would not be possible, however, if Providence architect and planner William D. Warner hadn’t previously uncovered and relocated the rivers, moved a highway, and created Waterplace Park for people to gather and watch. WaterFire captures what is magical about cities, and creates an ephemeral collective image. Placing fire in the modern city transcends and illuminates time in a way that begins to answer Lynch’s question “Might it also be possible to use environment to teach change instead of permanence?”

Article Author: Louis Lawton Thomas

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