Manuel Castells (2001)

Manuel Castells has written 23 books, including the highly influential trilogy “The Information Age: Economy, Society, and Culture”. He is one of the top 5 cited social sciences researchers in the world (SSCI), and the recipient of the prestigious Holberg Prize for having “shaped our understanding of the political dynamics of urban and global economies in the network society.”

As a writer and an educator, he has had a profound impact on pushing the boundaries of how planners understand the relationship between spatial and social dynamics. His early research on culture and social movements provided important insights into the social dynamics that shape urban environments. More recently, his work on urban dynamics and the evolution of spatial needs due to information technologies was revolutionary for his time, and created a foundation for planners working to incorporate digital technologies into the form and function of cities. His work embodies Lynch’s intellectual legacy of considering the relationship between place and the people that use it. In addition, his work is tuned to Lynch’s thoughts on the image of space and time and the cumulative effects of transition processes in a city.

Author: Jesus Ricardo Alvarez Felix

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